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Maximise the return of your fundraising events with an all-in-one, fully-responsive fundraising platform, where you control the content, communications and data.

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The CHIL fundraising platform gives you complete control, helping you deliver all types of fundraising campaigns. It's been built from the ground up for charities.

We want you to get the best result from all your events to maximise your return.

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Key Features

Your campaign, your brand

Retain complete control over content, email communications and branding.

The data is yours

Real-time reporting to maximise conversion rates. Your campaign data is yours, always.

All-in-one fundraising

Manage all your fundraising events: P2P campaigns, ticketed events and supporter pages. All in one platform.

Secure & scalable

PCI compliant, advanced fraud solutions and ready to handle any kind of traffic.

Focus on conversions

Mobile-ready, intuitive and user-friendly: our cutting-edge UX and UI will maximise your return.

Support is in our DNA

We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our charity partners.

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